Le Saint-Louis

Due to Covid-19, our restaurant will be closed for the summer of 2020. We want to thank our customers and our team for their comprehension. We are looking forward to see you soon!

The Saint-Louis Zebra Legend

On March 7th 1954, the Petit Train du Nord was transporting the circus of Saint-Louis’ animals to Mont-Laurier. When they arrived in Mont-Tremblant’s (then called Saint-Jovite) train station, one of the animals, more exactly a zebra, escaped while the staff was giving them water. On the following days, people tried to find the beast that had fled, but unfortunately, a fresh layer of snow had erased any prints it could have left and everyone abandoned their search. During the months that followed the incident, the animal had supposedly been sighted on many occasions, but there were no tangible evidence. After all, it was not in its natural habitat. However, during the month of May 1959, tables turned.

Timothy Dawson, then aged 12, got lost while on a fishing trip with his parents. Exceptional measures were taken in order to find the child, but with no success. A few days after, the young boy was found at the train station, to the great relief of his parents and everyone who was searching for him. According to him, a zebra would have guided him through many kilometers of flora in order to finally arrive to where the animal had fled in the first place, while stopping many times so that the boy would not get exhausted. Ever since then, the Mont-Tremblant’s Zebra Legend is alive and it is in honor of this heroic animal that we chose it to be our emblem.


Homemade crepes served with maple sirup 10
Crepe suffed with cheddar cheese and ham14
Crepes with berries12
Banana and strawberry crepes – on season13
Choco-banana crepes13
Crepe stuffed with caramelized apples and cheddar cheese13
Crepe stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and brie cheese16
Innkeeper's Crepe
(stuffed with bacon, sausage, one egg and cheddar cheese)

Eggs Benedict

PLATE WITH 2 EGGS : extra 4$

Classic (with ham)12
Brie cheese and mushrooms12
Smoked salmon and spinach12
Bacon, tomatoes and spinach12
Sausage, BBQ sauce and mushrooms13

The temptations

2 eggs and bacon or sausage10
Grilled-cheese with apples and bacon14
Granola plate with plain yogurt greek14
Gourmet plate
(2 eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, baked beans, cretons, a crêpe, toasts and potatoes)
Breakfast poutine
(potatoes, bacon, sausage, cheese, hollandaise sauce and one egg)